Around the World of Sicbo Gambling

Around the World of Sicbo Gambling

Sicbo gambling is an ancient game that originated in China. Where the game itself is played using 3 dice. This game is also often known as “Tai Sai” or Dai Shu, both of which have meanings of Big-Small. This game was originally played agen judi n2live by throwing bricks filled with numbers, not dice first. From here, gradually or periodically the game tool develops by using the name 3 dice with 6 sides. The Sicbo game itself is also popular in Asia and you can also find it at casinos in Macau. Sicbo itself has also succeeded in penetrating into the United States of America which was immediately introduced by immigrants from China in the 20th century.

For those of you who don’t know about the basics found in this Casno Sicbo gambling, then you are obliged to read this one article. just let’s go ..

How to Play and Bet Sicbo Gambling

As explained earlier, this game is played daftar casino n2live by 3 dice with 6 sides. For the method itself, it can be said that it is easy to understand an understanding of the game of Roulette. Because the object itself is to predict which numbers will appear after the dice are rolled. The basic bet itself is only betting on 1 specific number. Starting with the numbers 1 to 6 or it could be a total of 4 to 17 to be precise.

Bet Sicbo Betting

At each round of this gambling game, you immediately place bets directly on the gambling table. The chips that are owned must be stacked in the line of the betting area that you choose. for the type of bet itself there are many that you can play situs judi n2live. For those of you who bet on a total of 3 dice, it can be done by predicting what the total is from a small number, namely from 4-10 or most likely, from 11-17.

The popular betting variant on Sicbo gambling is the combination of faces which will later be displayed on the dice. You can also bet on single numbers, namely 1-6 or you can also choose numbers like 1-2, 2-3, and so on. If not single, you can also choose bets on doubles or pairs. If you feel that the bets have all been reset on the gambling table, then it’s time for the dealer to roll the dice. And this is a sign that your game has started.

Strategy In Sicbo Gambling

As we have written earlier, this game has many types of stakes. Therefore, here we will tell you a little about the types of bet that are in Sicbo gambling.

# Bet: Big-Small

Where this bet will indicate yourself to bet on 3 dice that has a total of 4 & 10 (Small), and you can bet for the number 11-17 (Big). If you play roulette, this bet is like Red & Black on the Roullete table. This is because the chances of getting profit are 50%. Many players have a firm stand on small and big stakes because it is a very profitable house advantage. When you bet small & big, you face a House Edge of around 2.78% with a 48.61% chance of winning.

# Bet: Double-Triple

When depicted, this double bet has a rectangular shape that displays a picture of the 2 dice showing a total matches of 11,22,33 and so on. For the triple bet itself is displayed between the 2 rectangles and also the feature image of the 3 dice shows the total of matches.

When you bet on doubles, you can choose any pair. The equivalent for bets on triples works the same way but a special box is included to allow the player to bet on any triple that will occur.

  • Double Bet: Win 8 TO 1
  • Triple Bet: Win 150 to 1
  • Double House Edge: 33.3%
  • House Edge Triple: 30.09%.

# Bet: Individual

Where when you look at the bottom of the bet line combination, then you will see 6 boxes showing each dice with an individual. You can bet the number that appears between 3 will be rolled. If later you are correct, you will pay 1 to 1. If the prediction number appears 2 times, you will pay 2 to 2 etc. For the House Edge itself: 7.87%.


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