Different Types of Betting Online Togel Agents

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Playing Fastbet99 has now become a habit of Indonesian people who nowadays, with the emergence of lottery agents, players can easily place bets. It’s just that now behind this convenience there is a problem where players have difficulty playing in a lottery agent starting from registration to getting to know the types of bets that exist. So that you can be more helpful, the following is an explanation of how to register and also the types of bets.

The sophistication of this online lottery agent has made the activity of placing lottery bets now possible through the palm of your hand. This is possible because now Smartphone technology has come to you with the ability to access the internet and also a form that can be taken anywhere. Of course, it is a suitable combination with online Togel agents who can now access anywhere and anytime via Smartphone.

Advantages of Togel Agents

There are many advantages that you need to know about Togel agents which are of course the main reason why you should start switching to online Togel games. Want to know what they are, here are some of these advantages:

Keeps you from legal threats.
Use a server that ensures the security of your data.
Financial procedures that use a banking security system.
There are various types of bets available.
Ease of placing bets that can be done anywhere
Access 24 hour betting service.
Can bet on many markets at once.
Different Types of Togel Agent Bets
In point 4 on the advantages of a Togel agent, you can see that I say there are various types of bets available. It turns out that this is not entirely the advantage of the agent, which turns out that this diversity actually causes many players to experience confusion and even make mistakes when choosing the type of bet.

Because this case has happened very situs judi online often happen with Toto HK. So in this article I will also explain the differences between several types of bets that are similar. Some of them are:

2D Togel and Macau Plug Togel

These two types of lottery agent bets have something in common in which later players must place bets on 2 numbers. This is what makes many people annoyed. However, you don’t need to worry that there will be differences in the choice of numbers to choose and also the winning requirements. So that later you can easily tell the difference.

The first difference will be in agen nova88 the 2D Togel of your choice, 00 – 99. Whereas in the Macau Colok Togel, you are actually asked to choose 2 numbers from a choice of 0 – 9.

The second difference later lies in the terms of victory, which later in the 2D Togel the player wins if the selected number is the same as the appearance of the output number in the head and tail position. Whereas in the Macau Colok Togel, you will be the winner if the 2 numbers of your choice appear in the output numbers.


In the Togel agent there are 2 players who place bets who choose different types of bets, one of which chooses 2D Togel by betting on a choice of 12 numbers and the other is the Free Colok Togel that bets on numbers 2 and 5 in the same market. Until the time of the announcement, the output figure that appeared was 4512.

From this output number the two players are declared to win because the head and tail position numbers are 12 and also the appearance of numbers 2 and 5 in the output number.

Togel Colok Precise And Togel Plug Free

Furthermore, the mistakes that people often make when betting at lottery agents occur in the Colok Jitu and Colok Free Togel bets. Because their names are both Colok, many people think that these two types of bets are the same bet. Even in addition, there is an equal bet on 1 number and also the same choice, namely 0 – 9. Of course it is not strange if many people make these assumptions.

But you need to know that this assumption is wrong, where the two types of bets are different bets. To be able to distinguish between these two types of lottery agent bets, later you can look at one thing. This is that in the Colok Jitu Togel, there will be a selection of one of the positions first and then choosing a number. Meanwhile, the Plugin Free Togel does not need to choose a position.

As a result, the requirements for winning are different, namely in the Colok Jitu Togel, the output number that appears in the selected position must be the same as the number you choose. While the Colok Free Togel, the player is declared to win if the number chosen is in the output number.


Inside the Togel agent, there are players who place bets on 2 different types of bets, one of which chooses the Matching Togel and the other the Free Plug. In Colok Jitu, he chooses the position of As in the choice of number 6. While Colok is free to bet on number 7 which turns out that the output number that appears is 6427. Seeing the announcement of the output number, the player will win. Because of the similarity in the position of As which issued the number 6 and also the appearance of the number 7 in the output number.

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