Here is a guide to playing Sakong through online bookies

One type of gambling game that is currently in great demand in the online system is pocket gambling. This card-based gambling game is one of the most popular gambling games in Indonesia. This most popular card gambling game is indeed preferred because it offers a different sensation compared to other types of gambling games.

This type of game has also been widely played by gamblers. Not a few also among gamblers who finally managed to make a lot of money just from gambling on the most popular card gambling game . If you are interested in tasting the excitement of playing card gambling, you can do it now.

However, it’s a good idea to be patient first. Especially if you don’t feel you understand well about the most popular card gambling game. The reason is, this game requires a good playing technique and strategy. You can’t start playing and hope to win without understanding this game first.

So, if you are a beginner who is interested in playing this gambling, of course you must first understand the rules of the game. That’s right, first get to know the ins and outs as well as the rules of the game of this gambling so that it is easier for you to make profits. Check out the complete guide in the following article.

Get to know the Sakong gambling game more closely

Please note beforehand, this most popular card gambling game is a type of card game that is easy to learn. In fact, you as a beginner player do not need long to master this type of game. Therefore, do not feel burdened to start learning this game before starting gambling.

This game is similar to a poker gambling game because it uses the media in the form of playing cards. The card used is a set of playing cards and can be played by a maximum of 8 players. However, unlike poker, in this game the game is of the type banker vs player.

The thing that makes it interesting is that the banker in this most popular card gambling game is appointed from one of the players at the table. That is, the player can be the dealer or the player party. So it is almost similar to the ceme or bandarq gambling game. Of course this makes this card gambling game even more challenging to play.

The essence of this game is to compare cards situs poker deposit pakai gopay between bankers and players. The party with a higher card value will be entitled to the benefits. In particular, the advantages of playing gambling do not come from there, because there is also a jackpot. The following are the jackpot values ​​that can be obtained from the most popular card gambling games.

  • 3 cards with the king’s picture, you can get 50000
  • 3 cards 10 you can get 200000
  • 3 jack cards can get 300 000
  • 3 queen cards can get 400000
  • 3 king cards can get 500 000

Apart from the jackpot mentioned above, there is one more jackpot in this gambling game. The jackpot is when you have 3 aces. The reward you get when you have 3 aces is the same as the value printed on the betting table. Of course, the value is much greater than the jackpots above.

An easy way to start gambling at an online dealer

Starting to play gambling is also the same way when you want to start playing capsa stacking online gambling or online poker gambling. Those of you who are interested in tasting it can just look for the dealer on the internet. Of course, there are already many choices of online gambling sites that will provide this card game gambling service to you.

Determine one of the sites that you feel is suitable for you to play as a place to play. If so, you can proceed directly to the registration process at the online bookies. The listing process will not take long. All you have to do is take a few minutes to complete the whole process and get an account with the online bookies.

After you have an id account, proceed to filling the balance. Topping up this balance is required to include your capital in the account in order to start gambling. You can do this by transferring between banks. So, just transfer the money and you can get the balance. That’s the guide if you want to start the online Sakong gambling game.

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