How Casinos Deal with Live Dealer Mistakes

It doesn’t happen often but when mistakes happen during a chancy game it understandably causes confusion. In any professionally run live casino  in Canada there should be a set of guidelines that live dealers and players can follow when something goes wrong. This helps give players the confidence to know that they will be handled fairly in the event of unforeseen problems. This also allows the live dealer to continue to know that he or she is not entirely responsible for solving the problem. The live casino experience should be one based on fun and a relaxed environment. If the dealer is immediately under pressure because he knows that any small mistake will cause big trouble, then the right mood will never be maintained. That is why playing blackjack or live roulette must always be supervised by a higher authority than the dealer himself. So, what happens if you are not lucky enough to play the live table game and the dealer messes up?

Pit Boss Role

As already mentioned, real mistakes can happen in any life casino online terpercaya. However, when that happens in a live casino situation, even the smallest mistakes can seem much bigger than they really are. If the dealer drops the ball before the roulette round or exposes the cards on the blackjack table that should be face down, then the player may be considered worried agen sbobet terbaik. In professional casinos,  pit bosses will monitor all the activity taking place around such games. Dropped cards, for example, are checked so that if a group makes a repeat mistake, they can be erased. In larger companies, there is a so-called floormen which acts as the supervisor for all dealers and live dealers. It is the pit boss – also sometimes referred to as the pit manager – who oversees the dealer and floormen.

This system means that small errors are usually handled quickly and efficiently by the floormen. If a card is shown too early, for example, then you can expect the floorman to step in and solve the problem. In more serious cases, such as when duplicate cards are found during the game when they shouldn’t be there, the pit boss will be summoned. Players should know that part of the pit boss’s job is to ensure that cheating does not occur. in. However, it is also a role that means convincing the public that the casinos themselves are operating fairly and openly. Given that no casino – no matter how experienced and skilled the dealer – can rule out all incidents and mistakes.

Do You Need To Call A Pit Boss?

Live casino game players in Canada can contact the pit boss if they think there has been an issue that has not been properly resolved. However, it’s important to know that the pit boss is not a customer service manager. Think that you haven’t received service fast enough? Has your drink been prepared for you in a way you did not ask for? This is not a problem for pit bosses who need to keep a close eye on all the table games taking place in the casino at one time. If you have a complaint about the service, then you can make your sentiments known but the pit bosses won’t go over them for you.

Also, pit bosses aren’t there to solve account issues for you. Many live casino game players will have questions about accessing their funds or loading their account with further credit. Sometimes, this process is not as smooth as it could be. That said, it’s not a live game issue and you need to deal with such issues with other casino staff members because annoying pit bosses with such questions could mean that other live casino games are not being monitored properly.

Sometimes, players will feel that they are ‘lucky’ with a particular dealer. This can cause the player to feel aggrieved when the dealer’s heart is changed. The reason is to keep the dealer alert and alert so that accidents do not occur. This is not to disappoint players or annoy them. Again, getting your dealer changed is normal casino practice and not something to complain to pit bosses about.

Common Live Dealer Mistakes

You can summon a pit boss to your game if you think something is really wrong. Just ask the floorman or dealer at your table. When it comes to online casinos, you can usually do the same by opening a chat function on your screen. The live dealer can do this for you if they make a mistake that needs to be resolved. In general, experienced dealers don’t deal cards that are damaged or dropped. This can happen if the bookie is new to the job or is very nervous for some reason. Wrong shuffling is also rare, but can happen when the dealer is distracted or faces a busy table. If you really want to avoid potential mistakes, choose a table with a new dealer who hasn’t served many other players.

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