Online Sbobet List Guide to Get Free Bonus

Many of you gambling players who know about sbobet gambling agents, you want to register to become a sbobet member but you don’t know the correct sbobet list guide. Here will be explained how the correct sbobet list guide that is easily understood by you prospective sbobet members who want to register.

You can actually search for a list of sbobet gambling agents on the sbobet website. You can also get information about the list guide through the sbobet social media account. Even if you are searching on the internet, there are many blogs that explain how to get the correct betting list guide according to the rules of the sbobet gambling agent.

This is how to register for a Sbobet account through the official website

Here will explain the correct agen sbobet list guide through the website. First you visit the sbobet gambling agent website and on the main page of the sbobet website you look for the registration menu. After entering the registration menu you will be required to read the terms and conditions as long as you are a member of the sbobet gambling agent.

When you read the terms and conditions on the list guide menu, make sure you read what files are needed to carry out the sbobet registration process. Prepare your email address, photo ID, photo of your bank account, phone number, and your photo. Make sure you use real identity.

Because if you use a fake identity your account will be frozen later. If you have prepared the files, you can fill in the sbobet registration form on the website listing guide page, make sure you fill them in correctly. Upload your files that you have photographed and uploaded on the provided form. If you have, you can click the submit button.

After following the sbobet list guide correctly, you will be asked to confirm email verification. Sbobet will send an email to your email address and you will be asked to confirm. Open the email sent by sbobet and click the link in the email.

The following is a list of Sbobet agents via a smartphone application

After discussing the guidelines for the list of sbobet gambling agents through the website, here will be discussed the guidelines for the list of sbobet gambling agents through the sbobet application on your smartphone. First of all, you need to download the sbobet application via the google play store for android devices and the app store for iphone devices.

If you have downloaded the sbobet application, please open the application. When it is first opened, you will be asked to provide access to the permissions needed by the application. If so, you will enter the main menu display of the application and you can click the list guide on the application to register.

Just like the website, in the sbobet application you will also be asked to read the terms and conditions to become a sbobet member. Then you will be given a little list guide to make it easier for you to do the registration process. Photograph the files required to carry out the registration process. The required files are the same as registering on the website.

Fill in the registration form and upload all the files that you have photographed earlier. If you have clicked the submit button and you will be asked to enter the One Time Password (OTP) code sent via SMS to your phone number, check the SMS and enter the OTP code listed. That’s the list of guidelines that can convey.

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