Understanding and Types of Football Gambling Agents

Understanding and Types of Football Gambling Agents

There are many soccer gambling games that we can follow on situs bola online official. Apart from the vooran handicap (HDP) and Over Under (O / U) as described above, we can also play various other soccer bets.

Such as FT O / E (Eventime Odd Even), Correct Score, total corners, total bookings (accumulated yellow cards), first half HDP and O / U, as well as several other types of games on the Soccer Gambling Agent website.

  • FT HDP (Full-time disability)

Online Football Gambling is the most popular because apart from being the easiest, most football fans will also bet on the team he likes no matter what the opposing team is. In the review above, UEFA Nations League A, there are 2 choices of vooran (handicap), namely without vooran (lek-lekan) and German voor -1/4.

  • FT O/U (Fulltime over/under)

In the online soccer gambling matches below, we can analyze whether the players from both teams are in optimal health, team composition, and the like. It doesn’t matter which team we support, we just have to hope that a goal feast will happen.

  • FT 1X2 (Odd-time Full Repair)

Often referred to as a money-line or European Handicap (European vooran), there are no drawbacks in this market. We must bet on 1 (home / home), or X (draw / draw) or 2 (away / away).

  • 1H HDP (1st half handicap)

Just like FT HDP, the difference between HT HDP only applies to the first round. Generally vooran will be relatively smaller than FT HDP. After the end of the first half, the result of the second half will not affect our bets in the first half.

How are the various soccer betting agents understood?

  • 1H O / U (First half over / under)

Just like FT O / U soccer gambling, only the difference between HT O / U applies to the first round only. The market that has been opened is certainly smaller than the FT O / U bandar sbobet. After the end of the first half, the result of the second half will not affect our bets in the first half.

  • 1H 1X2 (Fixing odd first half)

Same as FT 1X2, but specifically for the first half. We must bet on 1 (home / home), or X (draw / draw) or 2 (away / away).

  • Correct score

This is quite a difficult one because there are so many possible numbers when compared to the Handicap or 1X2, which are only 2 and 3 results, respectively.

  • First Half Correct Score

Still the same as the normal correct score, where we have to guess the first half score. It should be easier to guess, but the multiplication count is also less than the correct fulltime score.

  • Second Half True Score

Guess the total score of the goals that occurred in the second half. First half score will not count. AOS = Other Score, refers to other scores that are not listed in the betting menu at that time.

  • First Half and Full-Time Combo Correct Score

On the football betting agent site, you are required to correctly guess the first half score and also the full round score. The product yield is quite large. Like the example above, if we guessed the first half 1-1 and the full time 2-4, it would be multiplied by 250), but if our guess was one, then both would be wrong.

For a daftar sbobet terpercaya, the method is very easy, bettors only need to prepare some data starting from your cellphone number, email, and your account to get an account on an online gambling site.

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